The 25 Best Push-Up Exercises

Normal push-ups getting boring? Don’t stress, FitnessFAQs has you covered.


Beginner to Advanced:


1 – Clapping Push-Up

This is a plyometric variation for beginners looking to improve explosive power.


2 – Atomic Push-Up:

This is an advanced plyometric progression requiring a high level of full body coordination.


3 – One Arm Push-Up:

To use perfect technique and form, take a straddle stance and perform the pushup with the elbow tucked in close to the body. These can be done using an incline if the floor is too challenging.


4 – Shoulder Push-Up:

In the calisthenics community these pike push-ups are a regression which develops overpress pressing strength.


5 – Handstand Push-Up:

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These are an advanced push-up progression for building bigger and stronger shoulders at home. If balancing in a handstand is difficult or impossible, a chest to wall setup can be used to focus on the strength aspect.


6 – Partner Push-Up

If you don’t have any weights or equipment, this is the best setup for increasing difficulty of the regular two arm push-up with a training partner. 


7 – Archer Push-Up:

This progression is a great variation for increasing one arm pushing strength as it provides difficulty in a unilateral fashion. Say goodbye to muscle imbalances, asymmetry and weakness.


8 – Typewriter Push-Up:

If your main interest is building muscle in the chest, look no further than this exercise. The wide hand placement and constant time under tension is a recipe for success. 


9 – Russian Push-Up:

Anyone looking to improve their muscle-up technique will benefit from the weight transfer and tucked elbow mechanics trained. 


10 – Hindu Push-Up:

Full range of motion upper body strength, spine flexibility and shoulder mobility all in one push up exercise.  


That’s just 10 push-up progressions which are possible at home with no equipment..


Watch the Full Tutorial Video: