Strong Lower Back Workout – NO Equipment

Finding effective lower back exercises for home workouts is challenging. Generally, a gym is needed to strengthen these stubborn muscles, not today!


Strong Lower Back Workout – NO Equipment


Perfect Technique:

lower back workout at home

  • Hips supported on a soft object. 
  • Feet firmly planted against a wall with a setup containing friction. 
  • Perform hip extension by squeezing the glutes and hamstrings, drive the heels up towards the ceiling.
  • Create a global arch throughout the entire spine from the lower back all the way to the neck. 


Increase Difficulty:

lower back long leverlower back weighted

  • Increasing the lever arm by keeping the arms overhead. 
  • Holding something heavy at the chest.


Lower Back Home Workout:

dynamic lower back at homeisometric lower back at home

The best way to train the lower back is using higher reps and time under tension.

Dynamic exercises are great for taking the muscles through a full range of motion.

Isometric holds are perfect for challenging the lower back when no gym equipment or weights are available.


Get ready to build muscle, strengthen the lower back and experience pain relief.


Lower Back Home Workout