50 Push Ups in a Row | Workout for Beginners

Today you’ll learn how to do 50 push ups in a row. A complete workout is provided to help beginners increase reps.


Keys to Success:


Push-Up Form:

A full range of motion involves the chest touching the ground and finishing with locked elbows. Keep the tempo continuous and fast to optimise how many reps are possible each set.



Our goal is to do 50 push ups in a row, we need to choose training volume correctly. 70 reps per push-up workout is going to build sufficient endurance capacity. This is 30% more volume than our goal of 50 reps in a row, an ideal training surplus!


Avoid Failure:

Training to failure isn’t a smart way to approach calisthenics endurance. By leaving a few reps in reserve each set, perfect form will be guaranteed across the entire workout. As we’re going to be doing multiple workouts per week, it’s important to think long term. Avoiding failure allows each workout to be useful, maxing out impairs future workouts and isn’t sustainable.


Rest Periods:

High rep endurance training benefits from relatively short rest periods of 1 to 2 minutes. Being able to perform push-ups while partially fatigued is useful for high rep sets.



3 push-up workouts per week is an optimal training split for endurance. A rest day between workouts allows the nervous system and muscles to repair.


50 Push-Ups in a Row | Workout For Beginners:


Increase Push Up Reps: