Never Do Planks Like This!

Most people do Planks wrong.. 

Incorrect technique results in decreased strength gains with poor transfer to calisthenics training.


The 5 Worst Plank Mistakes:


1 – Lower Back:

The goal with the plank is to stress the anterior core muscles. Letting the lower back arch transfers unnecessary stress to the lumbar spine. We need to maintain a horizontal position to gain ab strength for calisthenics.


2 – Long holds:

Holding the plank for a long time is a waste of training effort. This is going to build endurance at best and is generally coupled with form breakdown. Effort is better spent using a harder progression such as the long lever plank.


3 – Forward Head:

The gooseneck is a common form mistake. Aim for a horizontal neck position, this will strengthen the neck flexors and extensors.


4 – Not Breathing:

Holding the breath during planks is useless. Forceful breaths in and out creates a stronger ab contraction and is more relevant to a conventional training situation.


5 – Hips High:

Sticking the ass up is another way of cheating. The stress is being transferred from the core to the lower body making the exercise easier.

You should now have a better understanding of how to plank correctly. Make sure you’re not making any plank errors!


The 10 Most Common Mistakes: