Bulletproof Wrists | Decrease Pain & Increase Strength

Wrist mobility and flexibility must be taken seriously by those doing calisthenics. The following exercises are effective for decreasing pain and reducing injury risk. 


Passive Flexibility:

These drills are perfect for opening up the wrist joint in all directions.


Wrist Deviation:

Parallel bars stress deviation, moving the body through this range of motion helps prevent injury.


Wrist Extension:

Exercises such as handstands, planches and push-ups require serious wrist extension flexibility.


Forearm Stretch:

Calisthenics involves plenty of gripping, tight muscles are a common problem. This position both mobilises the wrist joint and stretches the forearm flexors.


Wrist Flexion:

This movement stretches the forearm extensors and mobilises the wrist for false grip muscle ups.


Active Flexibility:

We need to teach our CNS  how to recruit the forearm muscles to minimise stress occurring at the wrist. Here’s two examples of how to strengthen the forearm muscles to stabilise the wrist joint.

Combining both passive and active mobility exercises is the answer for bulletproof wrists.

If you’re suffering from wrist pain or injury, please watch the video below.


Full Video Tutorial: