Real Results

  • Kristof

    36, Belgium.

    The day I decided it was enough I weighed 89,9kg. After 30 weeks of Begin Bodyweight 74kg.

  • Benjamin Yebenes

    24, Paris, France.

    The big thing about planche pro is the structure of the exercise and different methods. I made really big improvement on my holds and planche in general.

  • Will.

    30, USA.

    I realized I was 30 and that before I get too old, I should stop half assing my routine. So I did some research and followed body by rings, the results speak for themselves after 18 weeks.

  • Nils.

    29, UK.

    Body By Rings has transformed my life. I’ve gone from a 100kg heavy guy who played games all day to a 80kg new me.

  • BG.

    New Zealand.

    Lifting weights made me get lazy with my eating. Calisthenics training with body by rings helped me get leaner by focusing on bodyweight strength.




  • Jan.

    Jan. 18, Germany

    Buying Body By Rings was a revelation, it brought my gains to a new level. FINALLY my arms which were lagging behind started to grow properly.

  • Simon.

    32, UK.

    I’m proud of my progress since following Begin Bodyweight. My body is a direct result of consistency, hard work, diet and minimal supplements. I weigh 64kg in both pictures, I’ve clearly built muscle and lost fat.

    I wanted to share my transformation with someone, but I didn’t exactly want to send topless photos to my friends (just yet). The FitnessFAQs community seems like the place to do it!

  • Bjorn.

    Bjorn. 42, Australia.

    Using bodyweight training with Limitless Legs has been a game changer. As someone over 40, calisthenics is friendly on my joints but amazing for building muscle.

  • Evgen Filatov

    London, United Kingdom.

    Before I started Lever Pro my front lever was a 8 second pike straddle. Now I can easily hold a straddle front lever for 15 seconds. The bottom line is I got stronger, I don’t have any more tendon pain, I overcome the plateaus I had previously.

  • Mclain.

    45, Mexico.

    The first photo is of me before calisthenics and the following is after my first year of strictly bodyweight training. Before I used to train with conventional bodybuilding routines for years until I was just so broken and sore from lifting heavy weights. I’ve been using Body By Rings to transform my physique and stay healthy, that’s my lifelong goal.




  • Leslie

    24, Germany.

    Strength is nothing we as women have to be afraid of! We can show it off and be proud of it, Body By Rings has been so much fun.

  • Mark

    21, USA.

    I used to weight lift regularly and wanted to try to challenge myself in a different way. In the 6 months I ran Body By Rings I had lost almost 5% body fat and actually gained 3lb of muscle. The intelligent programming and guides given were able to keep my progress consistent and my joints injury free.

    You’re a huge inspiration man, this has been amazing so far.

  • Sze.

    22, Australia.

    I’ve been following the Limitless Legs program for 3 months and am enjoying training the legs with only bodyweight exercises. Overall I’m extremely pleased with the results, I’ve gained 1″of muscle in both legs. This confirms my belief that calisthenics can be just as good if not even better than other forms of training.

  • Dimitri.

    19, Greece.

    I am using body by rings for one year. I’ve learn lot of things from you and the results are obvious so thank you so much for everything… Keep doing that you are the best I swear.

  • Denis

    22, Russia.

    I’ve run Body By Rings for more than a year, Thankyou!




  • John

    35, Greece.

    Body By Rings is the most well explained and well thought out online course I have ever seen. It is the best one-stop program for upper body training if you want to get hypertrophy and strength. I have seen tremendous results and it will keep me busy for a really long time.

  • Michel.

    41, USA.

    I went from not being able to do a floor tuck planche to 28 seconds. My upper body feels way more powerful than before Planche Pro.

  • Simon.

    39, Australia.

    Been following Planche Pro for just over a year now. My straddle planche has been a slow but enjoyable grind for sure. Much thanks for your content and programs FitnessFAQs.

  • Beau.


    Body By Rings is an intelligent progressive program that produces meaningful results using only bodyweight and rings. I devoted 18 weeks of my life to diligently following the program as prescribed and my results have been truly rewarding. If you’re someone who wants to take their body to the limits of its potential, Body By Rings will offer you all the tools you need to embark on the journey.

  • James.

    44, USA.

    Begin Bodyweight is short and sweet without being overly complicated, very easy to understand. I think it can reach many and change lives for the better like training using bodyweight has done for me.




  • Daniel

    27, Sweden.

    Made huge progress and had a blast with Body By Rings. From January to July I have gone from 83 to 71kg and dropped 8% body fat!

  • Jonathon

    29, USA.

    My story is honestly the classic lazy gamer guy to deciding enough was enough and I needed to feel good about my body and my strength.
    Begin Bodyweight made the process easy and I’m loving my calisthenics workouts.

  • Justin

    25, USA.

    Before Calisthenics I weighted 200 pounds. After following Begin Bodyweight for 6 months, I now weigh 165 pounds. I can’t describe how much fun it is improving at pull-ups, push-ups, dips and other bodyweight basics.

  • Jan.

    18, Germany.

    I thought of myself as pretty knowledgeable when it comes to calisthenics, Body By Rings showed me there was still a lot to learn. Getting stronger and looking more muscular after just a few weeks of training was such a dopamine bomb for me that I continued without whining and excuses.

  • Isidora


    I’ve been using Body By Rings since it first launched, over 8 years ago. It was my first time training with rings and this program was the best thing that happend to me. Til this day I use the videos, the explanation and techniques are superb. I recommend it to anyone.




  • Alexandre

    22, Belgium.

    Having a training program to follow was very helpful for my planche journey. The structure in Planche Pro kept me focused and motivated to see the progress I wanted.

  • Josh.

    20, USA.

    So I finished the 4-month journey of Planche Pro program and I couldn’t be happier! My first straddle planche was on week 8 but only for 3 seconds. Now I’m able to hold it for roughly 5-7 seconds aiming for 10. If you guys keep pushing and stay consistent as I did and what Daniel said, you will achieve the Straddle Planche! There were some days when I didn’t feel motivated to train but in those moments you have to just do it through discipline. Motivation and hype won’t always be by your side.

  • Tyler.

    28, Canada.

    This is a year in the making, The Straddle Planche! Planche Pro is a huge success and I am grateful for all the though and care put into it.

  • Sergiy.

    38, Finland.

    I love Lever Pro because you simply have to follow steps. And there are about dozens of exercises (back lever), with defined rep range (super important for beginners like me), and variation for any level. Secomd important thing, I see results.

  • Alejo.

    24, Cuba.

    Body By Rings is the best program I’ve ever bought. Daniel really knows what he does. Since I’ve been following the program, I only use rings on my workouts, best tool of the world!




  • Christian Redekop

    30, Cologne, Germany.

    I’m 195cm (6’4) and 95kg (209lbs)
    I leanred a lot and made some pretty good progress! My personal record on Tuck Planche is now 35 seconds. Planche Pro was in my opinion a huge success and very efficient for me.

  • Gaku

    23, Tokyo, Japan.

    At the beginning my max tuck planche was 8 seconds, now it’s around 20 seconds in a month. I can say I’ve progressed so much with Planche Pro.

  • Jared Harding

    Colorado, USA.

    Its taken 15 weeks of Planche Pro training, but I can finally knockout 5 sets of 4 tuck planche pushups. My hips don’t drop, this was my goal, just in time.

  • Jeremy.

    23, USA.

    Just finished week 5 Planche Pro; excellent programming for planche goals.
    The weak link exercises found in the program are top notch. Also, my L-sit endurance has skyrocketed, and my freestanding Handstand Push-Up is already improved.
    I’m happy with Planche Pro and have recommended it to others, excellent work FitnessFAQs.

  • Jordan.

    25, Australia.

    Planche Pro by FitnessFAQs truly works and it is a great guide if you want to become stronger. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.




  • Robert.

    30, USA.

    Just did 12s unassisted tuck planche. I don’t know how to explain what a huge deal this is to me. At 6’5” and 255 lb it took a lot to just get what some call the entry level progression.
    Thanks fitnessfaqs for planchepro @fitnessfaqs helping me get past the Plateaus and injures. I’ve seen tons of improvements in other areas from the workout plan also.