• Kristof

    The day I decided it was enough I weighed 89,9kg. After 30 weeks of Begin Bodyweight 74kg.

    36, Belgium.
  • Benjamin Yebenes

    The big thing about planche pro is the structure of the exercise and different methods. I made really big improvement on my holds and planche...

    24, Paris, France.
  • Will.

    I realized I was 30 and that before I get too old, I should stop half assing my routine. So I did some research and...

    30, USA.
  • Nils.

    Body By Rings has transformed my life. I've gone from a 100kg heavy guy who played games all day to a 80kg new me.

    29, UK.
  • BG.

    Lifting weights made me get lazy with my eating. Calisthenics training with body by rings helped me get leaner by focusing on bodyweight strength.

    New Zealand.
  • Jan.

    Buying Body By Rings was a revelation, it brought my gains to a new level. FINALLY my arms which were lagging behind started to grow...

    Jan. 18, Germany
  • Simon.

    I’m proud of my progress since following Begin Bodyweight. My body is a direct result of consistency, hard work, diet and minimal supplements. I weigh...

    32, UK.
  • Bjorn.

    Using bodyweight training with Limitless Legs has been a game changer. As someone over 40, calisthenics is friendly on my joints but amazing for building...

    Bjorn. 42, Australia.
  • Evgen Filatov

    Before I started Lever Pro my front lever was a 8 second pike straddle. Now I can easily hold a straddle front lever for 15...

    London, United Kingdom.
  • Mclain.

    The first photo is of me before calisthenics and the following is after my first year of strictly bodyweight training. Before I used to train...

    45, Mexico.
  • Leslie

    Strength is nothing we as women have to be afraid of! We can show it off and be proud of it, Body By Rings has...

    24, Germany.
  • Mark

    I used to weight lift regularly and wanted to try to challenge myself in a different way. In the 6 months I ran Body By...

    21, USA.

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