Never Do Push-Ups Like This

Most people do Push-ups wrong.. 


Incorrect technique increases the likelihood of injury, diminishes muscle gain and results in decreased strength.


 5 Most Common Mistakes:


1 – Flared Elbows

A 90/90 position at the shoulder and elbow during push-ups is not ideal. Beginners often adopt this technique because it increases the contribution of the chest during push-ups. However, the average person doesn’t have adequate internal rotation at the shoulder to safely support this position. If one’s anatomy doesn’t suit the technique used, pain and injury are likely to occur. The optimal alternative is tucking the elbows within the scapula plane, using an incline if required to ensure correct technique.


2 – Forward Head

A nerd neck posture is a subtle way of cheating to make pushups easier. The head is being used to limit range of motion, preventing the chest, shoulders and triceps from gaining a full stretch.


3 – Hips Error

Sticking the ass up in the air reduces difficulty by turning the floor push-up into an incline variation. This is a sign of upper body weakness which needs to be corrected with a horizontal alignment posture. 


4 – Lower Back

Keeping the lumbar spine extended is a big mistake. The push-up is a full body exercise requiring an engaged core for perfect technique. The lumbo-pelvic region should be tight, a posterior pelvic tilt and leg tension will fix this instantly.


5 – Range Of Motion 

This is without a doubt the most common push-up mistake, skipping lockout. This form is sometimes encouraged in bodybuilding to “feel the burn” or increase time under tension. Small range of motion is not optimal for building muscle and strength with horizontal push-ups. 



Avoid the other mistakes: