The PERFECT Push-Up Workout (ALL LEVELS)

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This FitnessFAQs video will cover the Perfect Push up Workout for all levels, beginner to advanced. I challenge you to 100 push ups a day and offer you an effective program to do more push ups. We are going to cover technique, form and options for progressing the push up. Wether you’re looking to improve the size of your chest or triceps, the push-up is one of the best calisthenics exercises.

For my beginners who may be starting their new years resolution, It’s smart to have rest days. This allows the body to adapt, improve and grow stronger. Try this fitnessfaqs push up pyramid 3-4x per week with the main goal of doing 100 push ups in less total time.

Share this tutorial with someone who is new to help them transform with perfect form military standard push-ups.