How to Fix Rounded Shoulders (ONLY 1 EXERCISE!)

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In this FitnessFAQs we are going to cover how to fix rounded shoulders using only 1 exercise. I want to give you a move which can be done anywhere, anytime. Lets face it, if we need too much special equipment we simply won’t do it. This exercise is named the reverse plank, table top or reverse bridge and can be done at home to correct bad posture.

Slumping shoulders aka rounded shoulders is the result of muscle weakness and also tightness. We are going to focus on strengthening up the external rotators and also promoting mobility into extension.

If you want to correct poor posture you’re going to have to perform a movement which stretches what is tight and strengthen what’s weak. This tutorial covers a range of progressions from complete beginner to more advanced.

Wether you’re someone who’s tight from training or from everyday life, this tutorial will help you construct a daily workout to fix bad posture.