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The ab wheel rollout is one ab exercise which can be highly effective when done correctly. Unfortunately, it is one of the exercises which is commonly done wrong. In this video FitnessFAQs will teach you how to correctly use the ab wheel rollout in your workout.

Lets talk about the 7 most common mistakes people make.

The first is an excessive amount of hip flexion. People compensate with their hip flexors by remaining in a hinged position. This takes a significant amount of tension off the abs and onto the hip flexors, decreasing the effectiveness.

When beginners do the exercise, they often use a range of motion which is too far and their lower back begins to arch. When doing rollouts the core must be engaged and the intention should be to prevent the lower back from moving.

Inconsistent range of motion is common, we suggest using a wall as an honest range of motion marker.

Not many people talk about foot position with the rollout exercise. Beginners should keep their feet on the ground and those more advanced should lift them from the floor.

Bending the elbows is a very common mistake. This decreases the lever arm, reduces range of motion and makes the exercise easier robbing you of gains.

Choosing an exercise such as the standing ab wheel rollout WITHOUT preparation is a recipe for disaster. Do the exercise right and only progress when you are advanced enough.

When doing the exercise it’s easy to get lazy and relax at the start position. This is the bodies way of naturally decreasing intensity, keep constant tension on the abs by leaning forwards.

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