The 3 Best Lat Stretches For Lasting Flexibility

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If you are a calisthenics athlete, chances are you will have tight lats from all the pullups and muscle ups you do! When it comes to stretching the latissimus dorsi, a combination of techniques should be used.

Firstly, we want to increase our range of motion by calming down the nervous system. To do this, use a foam roller to work through the lat region. Spend a few minutes working up and down the lat and into the rotator cuff region.

Afterwards, follow this up with a lat stretch using a doorway. This is how to stretch the back and how to stretch the lats. Setup with your hand facing upward to externally rotate the shoulder then lean the body away and rotate, to stretch your lat.

Afterwards, it’s important to strengthen the new range of motion by using stability training. We will be using inner range shoulder flexion to train the posterior shoulder muscles to get stronger and support the overhead position of our arms.

By using all three methods, you will get permanent increases in your range of motion. Your lats flexibility will increase. You will no longer be asking how to stretch the back or what is the best lat stretches. When you keep things simple and thing release, stretch and strengthen this concept can be applied to any muscle group.

If you are someone who just does lat stretches and expects lasting increases in flexibility, it won’t happen. Real results come from effort and static stretching alone is easy. Foam rolling alone is easy. Combining all three is challenging and effective, get to it.

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