Increase Squat Mobility FOREVER!

Big Legs, No Weights:

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In this video FitnessFAQs will teach you how to increase squat mobility permanently. The following squat mobility drills and exercises will increase ankle and hip range of motion. It’s important to choose the right exercises to get a lasting effect for the squat. Simply stretching over and over won’t build strength where it is needed, a common issue with yoga.

We will be using the hip flexor march, glute bridge, side plank and hip internal rotation exercises on the floor and in the squat. For the ankle, we’ll be doing some calf stretches with both a straight and bent leg. We’ll conclude the ankle series with some tibialis anterior strengthening to get the knees over the toes. To bring everything together the overhead squat is one of the best mobility exercises.

Use the provided squat mobility routine daily to get the best results.