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A very common question people wonder is can you build muscle with calisthenics? The common assumption is bodyweight exercise can’t build muscle.. This FitnessFAQs video covers “calisthenics explained”, discussing the science behind bodyweight bodybuilding. The truth is you can build muscle with bodyweight training, if you know how.

How to build muscle with calisthenics is quite simple. I’m going to share with you the 3 rules for success with hypertrophy and muscle gain. You need to train with eccentrics, full range of motion isotonics and isometric contractions. The reason why most people can’t build muscle with calisthenics is because they are focusing on endurance training, high rep push-ups, pull-ups, dips, rows etc. This is not the optimal rep range for building muscle, but, for some reason people make this mistake with calisthenics. The best method is to stick to the 5-12 rep range as this is an efficient and effective approach. This rep range maximises the number of stimulating reps per set while being timely.

Once you understand the science behind calisthenics training, bodyweight bodybuilding will make sense. The body understands mechanical tension and fatigue. Regardless if this is through powerlifting, gym, weight training, free weights or bodyweight, hypertrophy will happen!