Best Stretch for Calisthenics (TIGHT BACK SOLUTION)




For those of you watching who do calisthenics, we tend to be good at doing the strength workouts involving pullups. What we aren’t so good at is maintaining flexibility and mobility in our back and shoulders. If you’re anything like me this is going to result in a tight back due to not stretching enough. This video will be providing a solution to poor flexibility in the back, showing the best stretch for calisthenics beginners.

FitnessFAQs will teach you how to stretch your lats with the best lat stretch. The lat-tri stretch is amazing for increasing overhead range of motion and mobility. It simultaneously lengthens the latissimus dorsi and triceps. Stop wasting your time with other lats stretches and use this one, seriously. You won’t be wondering how to stretch the back or how to stretch my lats anymore.

I would recommend this lat stretch as the best for calisthenics beginners especially. If you maintain and or increase your range of motion early, you won’t have to work so hard later on.

To make the range of motion last, we’ll use a simple but effective drill to strengthen up the rotator cuff, lower traps and serratus anterior with the prone shoulder flexion.

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