Best Exercises To Increase L-SIT HOLD

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This video will be covering the best exercises to increase L-sit hold time. When it comes to L sit progression, it’s not that hard to learn how to l sit with the right exercises.Most who first try this movement will be unable to do so on the floor and experience leg cramps. It’s best to think of helpful exercises for the L-sit in the following catergories: Flexibility and Hip Flexor strength. Most people waste their time on passive stretching of the hamstrings without addressing the main weakness, the hips.

To quickly improve the L-sit fast, one needs to strengthen the hip flexor muscles. If you can sit upright on the floor in a 90 degree position you have the flexibility to do the L-sit, you just don’t have the strength to hold the position.

This tutorial will help those who want to get strong for the floor l-sit who are involved in bodyweight strength, calisthenics, crossfit and any fitness enthusiast looking to learn.